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Hi I need to upgrade my ram memory cards , and need some suggestion.
I got G1.Guerrilla motherboard(it support 3 channel )
and Intel I7 920 3.5 Ghz overclocked.

so what Im looking for is 3 2000 4gb cards (also do i need 2000 ones or 1600 ones are enough, Im overclocking everything so i guess 2000 is better,but not 100 % sure.)

budget is 100 $ maybe few bucks more :)

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  1. You may want to populate all of the memory slots to take advantage of triple channel architecture.
  2. Yes it's fine as long as it's not too tall for your heatsink.

    That's the only reason I didn't suggest these, which are slightly faster than those Vengeance your looking at and cheaper.
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