Restarting Loop before Post Beep

I think the thread title pretty much explains the problem...My i7-930/EVGA X58 LE refuses to even beep and gets in a restart loop until I unplug it (or hold the power button on and it goes into a weird state of off where the power button stays on). It restarts about 3 seconds after I press the power button and then sits off for two seconds.

Has anyone encountered this problem? It's always great to hear a shockingly simple solution, but I'm not very optimistic about this one considering my fix attempts and diagnostics don't lead anywhere positive.

Fix Attempts:
1) Reset CMOS--no impact
2) Pull out individual graphics/individual RAM sticks/CPU. No beep still
3) I removed the CPU and noticed what looked like water below the socket. When I thought it was water, I unplugged all power, left my CPU to dry on a bookshelf, and faced a fan a the case. It didn't dry and appears to be some sort of mineral oil. Could this mean one of my capacitors is leaking? Now for the weird part: Two days later I wiped up the oil and hooked it all back up. It all worked without a problem at first, but then periodically started crashing. So I reduced my OC (already started at a moderate 3.8GHz w/ manual volages all in spec) and it appeared to be stable. But this morning, it stopped turning on and went back to the restart loop.

What does this sound like to you guys? Does anyone need more info?
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    RMA that board. Sounds like a hardware fault.
  2. Can't RMA. I bought it for $87 from EVGA B-stock (90-day warranty). I figured it was only the standard sound problem with this motherboard model. But I guess EVGA makes crap. I could still buy a new board with the savings ($130), but I'd really prefer to hear alternatives.

    Also, do you have any good way to identify it as the motherboard w/o me having a full set of parts to switch it with.
  3. Looks like it WAS water. Crap! I'm letting it all dry out and I'm moving it even further from windows and doors.
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