Just put together a new built and it's having issues

So just yesterday, all the parts got in for a new computer I was putting together. I got it all together, booted it up and it worked just fine. It was all well until I went to restart it the first time and it would show the bios screen and all and then it would restart and keep showing that screen over and over. I fiddled around with some stuff and ended up resetting the CMOS and it started up fine again and everything worked fine and all of my hardware showed up.
Today, I installed Windows 7 64 bit and some adobe programs and then I went to restart the computer and it just ended up getting stuck in the same loop. I shut it down, fiddled with some stuff, tried clearing the CMOS again, but none of it worked. Now, I hit the power button and all that happens is the fans start and I hear the hard drives going but I hear no POST beeps or anything and the screen doesn't show anything. I also seem to be running into an issue with hitting the power button but nothing starts up at all half the time.
I looked through this forum and many others to try to find answers and I tried a lot of suggestions but nothing seems to be working. I also looked over the post on here with numerous checks to do before posting a question, but since I'm asking this, those didn't work either. I'd really appreciate any help, it's pretty annoying to have spent all that money on a computer that won't even turn on the second day.
Intel i7 2600k 3.4 GHz
Asus P8P67 LE motherboard
Corsair GS700 power source
Cooler Master 922 HAF case

I went and got the power source checked out. It was apparently bad, so I bought a new one. A Corsair GS700. I got everything plugged in and went to boot it up and it's still the same story.
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  1. Appears that you spent a lot of money except for the most critical component...
    the PSU. A 600W PSU that sells for about $30 has trouble written all over it. I would start with the PSU as the issue.
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