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Over the past few years I have encountered a recurring problem with ATI's Catalyst Control Center and Display Drivers. This problem can basically be described as an error that occurs with the uninstaller / installer package when CCC is installed or un-installed. Many would suggest that this is due to corruption of .net framework, and this is partially true. The biggest culprit however, is CCC's over sensitivity to error detection after un-installation has occured. This seems to be more prevalent in Vista and Windows 7 OS's. In the past month I have had many customers complain of this problem, and I had to use this work around on my own computer for 11.2 to get it to actually install without "Log Error", "MSI Service Error", or just plain installing without actually installing. Hopefully you find my directions concise and they work for you.


Make sure you download the latest Display Driver and CCC Driver SEPARATELY.

If you are running Eyefinity or Dual Monitor setups, unplug the extra monitors. On occasion I have seen this cause installation errors...Especially if one is an HDTV.

If you have CCC and the display driver installed, run the un-installation program. If it does not complete or gives you an error message, it is of no matter...We can get the rest manually.


Look at your installation drive and delete ATI and AMD files. If you do not want to do this manually you can download and install Driver Sweeper Pro (run from safe mode) from the Guru 3d website. If you would rather do it manually ( I prefer manually ) you will find the files on your installation drive. Make sure you delete these files out of Program Files and Program Files (x86) as well.

Driver Sweeper :

Restart your machine after these files are removed.


After these files have been removed, run the installation program for the display driver and CCC. Allow the program to extract completely, but cancel before it can complete installation. This will place the files needed for the fix onto your drive.


Go to your installation drive and find the file marked ATI\support\11-2_vista64_win7_64_dd and open it. If you are using a different OS the nomenclature after 11-2_ will say the name of the OS of the driver you downloaded. Also, make sure you clicked on the file ending in DD first. That is the display driver file while CCC is the CCC file.

Next, find the file marked Config and open that. Your file path will look like this: "C:\ATI\Support\11-2_vista64_win7_64_dd\Config".

Once in Config, find a file marked InstallManager.cfg and open it with notepad. Once, the file is open with notepad, scroll down to a line of text at the bottom reading "WorkaroundInstall=False". Change that "False" to "True" (without the quotation marks). It should look like this: WorkaroundInstall=true

Now, back out of the Config directory. You should be here: C:\ATI\Support\11-2_vista64_win7_64_dd. Find the file marked "Setup" and double click. This will run the display driver install package. Let it run to completion.


Repeat step 4 with the CCC file you downloaded. It should look something like this "11-2_vista_win7_32-64_ccc_lang1". The changes are identical for this file as well.
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