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Yesterday I've got my new PC, amd phenom ii x6 1055t, GeForce 550 Ti, 4gb RAM and 1 terrabyte hardware. And the problem is in PSU.

However to hold all this, I had 420 watt power supply unit, which burned out with smell in 3 hours of gameplay (Bulletstorm). The PC was incredibly hot in all places, I didnt notice that, just the smell, I never thought it would down so fast and easy.

So since it is burned out, I am going to get a new one, any ides/suggestions what should I get to manage everything as it should be.

Thanks for your time.
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  1. 420W would not be enough to power all your components. Your PSU more than likely overheated and then gave out. Do you know what brand of PSU you had since the cheaper brands don't use quality parts which, when the PSU burns out, can damage your other components.

    Definitely get at least a 650W PSU. You may want to check for any damages to your other components too.
  2. Hey Engima,

    Thanks for reply. I am using LPK12-23 e 3*SATA (, the site is in polish it seems, the only I found tho, and I dont use SATA hardwares, just the single 1 TB. It costs around 20 U.S. dollars, very cheap imo. Altho I have guarantee to replace it, I will ask for more than 650 watt PSU to be placed
  3. It's less about the wattage and more about the manufacturer Awanes.
  4. cmcghee358 said:
    It's less about the wattage and more about the manufacturer Awanes.

    Does this means that even with for example 420W Corsair it would work fine, but with some cheap brand even 600W wont help?
  5. Hello , I use phenom 1055T use PSU corsair 550vx, it's enough for oc 4,3ghz for benchmark and 3.8ghz for dailly using + his hd6790, I sugest more power will be better. If oc at 4ghz test in syssoftsandra power consumption show result more than 300W ..
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