PC crash on games - faulty GT240?


uhm i'm experiencing several PC crash when playing high end games. at first, i thought that replacing the thermal paste on my CPU and GPU will help. but i'm still experiencing those crashes.

my screen would turn black then i'll hear those stuttering sounds. even pressing the reset button doesn't help me - yes my PC would reset but still, my screen remains black :| . what i do is that i push the reset button and then push the power button afterwards.

i've been using my GT240 for about a month.


is my GPU broken? or my PSU can't handle it? i'm using a generic 500W PSU that came with the case i bought 2yrs ago. it has an output of 12V with 19A.

here is my current specs:

CPU: Intel E6300 2.8ghz
GPU: Inno3D GT240 512MB DDR5
RAM: Apacer 2GB
HD: Seagate Barracuda 80GB
HD2: Seagate Barracuda 250GB
PSU: 500W

big thanks for your help guys! :D
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  1. for starters, yes generic psu's that come with cases are rubbish, get something better, Antec earthwatts 380w would be more powerful than your so called "500w" psu. it has 17 +18A on its 2x 12v rails. I dont know if that is the cause of your problems but it would be a good start to replace it. Also download and run memtest86+ to check your ram for faults and hard drive scan with your hard drive manufacturers diagnostic tool.
  2. @malmental: yes, i always update my drivers. actually i'm planning to add more RAM but i can't find any apacer these days. :( btw, i'm using XP SP3 ;)

    @iam2thecrowe: last week, i got some freakin BSOD and i can't get past the windows bootscreen. it forced me to go to my friends house and have my computer repaired. he said that my 80GB HD was kinda faulty (since it was 7yrs old. lol.). does that count? anyway, ima try to look on to the memtest86 ;)

    i'll also try to post here my chosen PSU. can't find the antec :(

    thanks for your reply guys, i've been waiting for your answers! lol. ;)

    how do i use memtest?D;
  3. maybe i can do that. but the problem is, i really don't know how to reformat a pc. even how to backup the files D; can you help me?:) uhm and does changing OS helps? i really wanna try windows 7 lol. XD

    btw does additional RAM reduces the microshuttering of the games? and if i get my hands on a nice 4GB RAM, will it run fine w/ my OS (XP)? con as i've heard before, windows xp can only read at least 3GB RAM.

    thanks for your help guys! :D
  4. how will i know if a processor is a 64bit?
    no, i still don't have a windows 7 disk but i'm also planning on buying one. XD
    uhm so which should come 1st on my list? should i get my 2yr old PSU replaced 1st? or add another 2GB ram?
  5. alrighty, ima try to look on that 1st.

    thanks alot man! :D
  6. philippines bro. its kinda hard looking for computer parts in here since the shops ain't got all the supplies i need lol :p
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