Performance/Upgrade question, Please help!

Long story short, I do not believe (and i could be very wrong) that I am getting the right performance out of my system. I built it in the fall of 2010 hoping it would last me a couple years before I would have to start replacing parts. I run all my games at 1080P, on highest settings. SC2 i get pretty big frame rate drops during medium sized battles (online play), Fallout New Vegas i get massive fps drops when any serious lighting comes into view, and even League of legends i can not maintain a stable frame rate at 60 FPS.

Here is a list of my hardware!

Processor : Amd Phentom II x4 965 3.4GHZ (not overclocked)
RAM : 4GB DDR3 ~1600 speed
Video : Nvidia Geforce GTX 560TI (Manufactured by Gigabyte) 1gig DDR5 Video Memory
Mobo : MSI 870 G45
Power Supply : 500W
Hard Drive : Western Digital 1TB (32mb Cache, 7200RPM, SATA)

Any advice would be great, as I am looking to upgrade a component art of my PC.

Thank you all for your help!

If i should be posting this some where else, please let me know, as i just signed up for the forums today.
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  1. Many servers in some games regulate/cap framerates in online play (some to as low as 30 fps) to alleviate server bandwidth/lag concerns with 16-32 players, so, online is likely not the best way to judge a video card's potential performance.

    The GTX560 seems a pretty decently performing card at up through 1080P in most titles. However, as you alluded to 'highest settings', be aware that a 1GB card will eventually have it's framebuffer size overwhelmed with too high of AA/AF settings, etc... (Try more moderate realistic AA/AF settings, as you are not on an SLI/Crossfire rig with 1.5/2GB of framebuffer per GPU; I personally never had any use for AA/AF in FPS type games)
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