How's this for a gaming PC build?

Alright so I just wanted some more people's opinions on this gaming pc build so here it is:

Budget was a pretty firm $1000 give or take 50. I'll be buying the optical drive separately, so that's not included in the picture.

How did I do :o ?
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  1. The build looks good. If you are buying it soon though, then these rams are better and cost the same after the coupon.
  2. The 560 in question seems overpirced, IMO, despite it's factory OC; in that price range, I'd be looking hard at assorted 6950 (2 gb) models, which is (but admittedly not always) usually 10% faster than GTX560...

    given the nice scaling of a pair of Crossfire'd 6950's, and, given the success rate of reflashing/unlocking 6950s to 6970, and the 6950's (2GB) larger framebuffer size, it'd be my choice in the $250-$280 pricerange...
  3. Looks pretty solid. I'm not a pro at higher end GPU's but think you could save a few bucks getting a stock clocked 560 ti and overclocking yourself. Also at that price point can get a 2GB 6950 and try the BIOS flash to a 6970. Guess it really depends on what games you play tho, some games run better on nvidia and some on ati
  4. I chose the GB SOC 560 because I saw some benchmarks of the Zotac AMP 560 @ 950 mhz, 6970, and some other GFX cards and the Zotac card always bested the 6970. Naturally, I chose the SOC 560 because seeying as the AMP 560 performed better than the stock 6970, the 1000mhz GB 560 should also outperform the 6970. Although, I do understand that the 6950 flashed to a 6970 can also be overclocked; I don't really know how close that would bring it to the SOC 560 performance wise. I had trouble deciding between the 560 SOC and the 6950 earlier, but if someone can prove to me that the 6950 flashed to a 6970 and overclocked can beat the GB 560, then I will change it in a heartbeat :D.
  5. i hear the 560 SOC can beat triple SLI 580's.
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