GTX 460 SE SLI or GTX 570?

I was wondering if I should trade in my EVGA GTX 460 SE for a GTX 570 via step up program which will cost me an extra $180 bucks or go SLI with two GTX 460 SE's. The problem is I need to get a new PSU if i go SLI. Heres what I have currently:I

650 Watt antec earthwatts PSU
Asus sabertooth X58 motherboard
1 EVGA gtx 460SE
8 gigs ram
1 TB Hitachi HDD
64 GB crucial SSD.

Just wanted suggestions and wanted to know how long 2 gtx 460 SE's will be good for before I cant play all games on highest settings. Because if I go GTX 570, I'll have option to go SLI later, without having to get a new PSU now. I read the toms hardware article that 2 GTX 460's blow 1 GTX 480 out the water, but I also have the less powerful SE edition. Opinions and suggestions?

My games I'm playing now run fine, Black ops and Starcraft. But am lookin forward to Crysis 2 and wanted to make sure I can play that on highest settings with good FPS.
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