Which power cord to powersupply?

My monitor and Corsair 750 PSU have the same power cord connectors from the wall. I mixed them up when rearranging. Can someone tell me what their Corsair PSU power cord says? Then I can compare it to mine and see which goes to which.

This is an easy question but I need some help.

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  1. Use the one with the thickest wire gauge for the PSU since it has to handle more power than a monitor would draw from the wall outlet.

    If both cables have the same wire gauge then it doesn't even matter.
  2. Yeah they're both standard kettle leads so it shouldnt make any difference :)
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    there may be a slight difference. in the fuse. if the monitor is a lcd then it may only have a 5A fuse in it. the cpu should have a 13A in the uk...
    so turn the plug over and see what fuse is in which lead.
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  5. Solved it. Thanks
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