Newbie asks: general power, reset, and fan connection questions

Hi. I just put together a machine and finally got it to work. But ran into some bugs along the way and over the years some question have come up in my mind. Can someone please enlighten me about these things?
1a) Are the power and reset switches identical mechanically? In other words, can I pull a reset switch from an old machine and use it as a power switch?
1b) And those switches "completing the circuit when pressed" or "breaking the circuit when pressed"?
2) It's been a while since I've done this. My machine wouldn't post and eventually I realized it's because I hooked the power button to the wrong pins. In general can you get machines to turn on (post) and test them if the following things are true?
2a) Power switch not connected? In my case, it wouldn't boot. Is this true generally?
2b) Reset switch not connected. Will it boot?
2c) CPU fan not connected. Will it boot?
2d) Are there any other things that, when not connected during a rushed install, might not allow the machine to boot?

Thank you very much! Sincerely, Pete
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  1. Power button is like the button at the end of a pen. push 1 circut closed. push again circut open.
    reset is always closed until you push it then while your finger is on the button it is open. when you push it it just reboots everything. I don't think they are interchangeable. you have to have a power switch to close the circut. you may not need a reset button. try it and find out. Should boot w/o cpu fan connected but be careful not to fry your cpu. Anything (ram, gpu,pci cards, etc...) not seated properly or powered I.E. GPU properly could cause any number of problems including no boot.
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