Gtx 275 gigabyte super over clock

hi friends. is this this graphic card good for 3d game now please answer me specially.
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  1. list your full system specs and your monitors resolution, budget, what does the gtx 275 cost, depending on the cost you can likely get something new that is cheaper and better, but without this info no one will be able to tell you if the gtx 275 is good for you and depending on the price you will likely get a better bang for your buck from a different card so give me some info
  2. ok buddy i bought it 7 month ago i bought 350 dollar now it cost 380 in here. how long this graphic card work good for game??
  3. gpu clock:715 memory clock:2560 ddr3 1792mb intel core i5 750 4gb ddr3 bus 1600 kingmax power supply 785 green western digital 500 32 buffer mother boar p55-ud3
  4. yeah well you got ripped off but it is a decent card, likely comparable to a gtx 460 768mb of these days standards, you definatley have a the cpu, etc to take full advantage of the gtx 275 although paying 350 (us?) dollars for the cad is a=outrageous you can find them on ebay for around $100, the card will be okay for games now but many games will struggle at high res and settings what is the resolution of your monitor??, the card will def work but its a bit underpowered by todays standards
  5. my res is 1920*1080 recommended and i play all games with this res . oh i forgot , thanks for answer
  6. well the card will work but on some games you will be scaling back resolution and settings to get playable framerates, however after still not knowing your system specs I cannot say how it will perform, if I had to guess, I'd say decent but not great
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