Can I install DDR2 PC2 -6400 in place of DDR2 PC2 5400?

HI all

I have been posed a problem with a memory upgrade, I have a 1GB strip of DDR 2 PC2 6400 ram that if possible will replace 512mb of DDR2 pc2 5400 ram.

I am aware that I could not run the two strips together, however I am not sure if the increase would cause problems.

The Laptop is an "LG M1 express dual laptop" and as I am aware the 512mb ram is original.

would any one know if this was possible or would it cause problems ?
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  1. You can up to 4.0 GB DDR2 SDRAM 667.0 MHz
  2. jemm said:
    You can up to 4.0 GB DDR2 SDRAM 667.0 MHz

    thanks jemm I thought it was possible but I just needed to check , thanks again :wahoo:
  3. thanks i just preformed an upgrade and this helped me make the decision to pull some ram out of a toshiba and move it to my make the thing was it was pc2 6400 not 5400 so i was cautious. it all worked out and i am up in running THANKS
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