Need advice on upgrading my rig

Im kinda new to the pc world here and was hponig for some advice, i just bought a custom built rig but im thinking of upgrading it more ill list the specs

System specs:
amd athlon 5000 dual core cpu 2.61ghz
motherboard is foxconn a76ml-k
psu orion 485watt
graphics card palit nvidia 8800gt
3 gigs ram

Upgrades im looking at are a gtx 560 ti superclocked
750 watt psu

But i could use some advice

im looking foward to playing games in high settings such as crysis2, battlefield 3 when its realeased, diablo 3, bulletstorm, cod black ops, cod mw2, list goes on

but im looking for advice what should i upgrade?
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  1. How much is the GTX560 OC going for? IMO, the 560 should not sell for the same price or above the price of the 6950, with the latter being a VERY solid performer at enthusiast settings.

    Eventually, I'd also be considering a 2500k/P67 upgrade, as there is still substantial cpu scaling below 2560x1600 resolutions.
  2. Budget.

    I will just tell you now, your going to need to upgrade the entire system. Maybe not like a HUGE upgrade, but basically making a new computer as that CPU will bottleneck your GPU way to much and it's just time for it.

    Please fill:
  3. ^+1 your CPU is too slow
  4. It will not really benefit you to upgrade just the graphic card. I think you should probably build a whole new machine for around 300$ more to the bill.

    You can find dirt cheap 4 cores cpu by AMD, they cannot be beaten on the sub 100$ market. Add a cheap single slot PCIX mobo, a decent PS, some generic ram and a good card like a 6950 (same price as 560GTX, but perform better).
  5. would i be able to get by with a quad core amd cpu like AMD Phenom II X4 840 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor, and better psu, and graphics card, i want to keep my motherboard, im willing to spend money but i dont wanna mess with the mobo to much just got it lol
  6. ^ o.o Then you got ripped because it's pretty useless as of now :P
  7. alright well i could upgrade to a new mobo but keep in mind im new to this this was a build i bought from someone so now my question is how do i go from this mobo to a new one, i dont have the windows 7 disk so i cant reinstall windows, can i put the new motherboard in set it up wit the bios updates etc and hope that windows 7 recognizes new mobo? or? im lost
  8. OK if you hook a new motherboard up with your HDD (which holds Win7) Win7 will say that you've installed new hardware and ask you to update some crap. From their it's pretty easy. I know this because I've replaced just the CPU for my computer.

    You basically just install it again. I suggest getting an AMD Athlon II X3 445 and a cheapo AM3 motherboard.
  9. alright cool, btw i orderd the amd phenom II x4 840, im gonna see if it work with this motherboard if it doesnt i will probably have to get a new mobo, which if i have to ill spend some money say $100 so i can upgrade more stuff in the future, i figure ill stay with my graphics card i got now and wait till more games are realeased i can play crysis 2 pretty solid but you are right this wimpy 2.6ghz isnt doing me much good and this mobo im not very fond of either, but im trying to make thing work so i dont have to spend to much money
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    Well it most likely will as it is an AM2+ motherboard.
  11. yea i just wasnt sure cause it wasnt on the cpu support list under my motherboard on foxconns page, but it is a fairly new cpu so i didnt really expect it to be, doesnt seem like foxconn updates there stuff often
  12. Good luck.
  13. yea im gonna need it lol hope this works ill find out monday
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  15. GL
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