Wheres a good place to post solutions.

Since 2007 I could never find a post any where on the internet where someone actually reported success in correcting their M2N32 SLI Deluxe BSOD problems, other than by replacing the MB.

I finally figured out what the stability problem actually is and a way to fix it. Where would be a good place to let other users know?


I could no longer ignore the M2N32 SLI Deluxe BSOD problem when running Skyrim made it an hourly occurrence and I was not pleased with suggestions about replacing the motherboard.

I fixed the BSOD problem by using an 8 dollar 25 watt 4 inch 125 VAC wire cage desk/office fan to blow air across the ASUS M2N32 SLI Deluxe stack/chipset cooler bars that were specially designed to prevent the chipset over heating problems.

The chipset will naturally run hotter than the CPU since exhaust air from the CPU fan crosses the stack/chipset cooler bars.

It is my belief that the chipset eventually loses stability when its temperature exceeds 50C which happens when running graphic intense applications for an hour or more.

The external AC fan results in temperatures less than 40C even when running Skyrim for hours and the chipset remains cooler than the CPU.

I am not aware of any third party MB chipset coolers but the 8 dollar desktop fan is actually quieter than my Zalman.

A proper cooling solution for this computer must include the chipset. Apparently the optional ASUS stack cooler fan, for passive water cooler systems only, is not as optional as the manual would lead you to believe.
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  1. Make a post on computer forums just like you've done here. When people search for m2n32 SLI deluxe BSOD on the net your post should come up. Might want to add a pic of what you've done for those who can't read/understand the words.

    I'd be surprised there are no aftermarket chipset coolers. And other option is to strap/glue a 40/60mm fan to the chipset somehow.
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