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I have purchased a "low profile card, the graphics board itself fits perfectly into the motherboard however, the metal ports in the back are normal size (like 5 or 6 inches instead of 3.5 inches) it could be cut off to fit and it would lose a vga port (it is possible because I can unplug the port from the card and the card still works) but I was wondering if there was a different model someone else could suggest.

Computer is dell inspiron 531s w/ 250w power supply pcie x16

old card ati hd2400
new card ati hd4550

another interesting anecdote, the card came with a plate that fits the back panel of my slimline... however the back panel of the graphics card (where the ports are) is too big...
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    You have to remove the current backplate (full-sized) and replace it with the half-sized (low-profile).
  2. will the low profile bracket fit when the you unplug the vga port?
    I personally went with an OEM Sapphire HD4650 1gb ($45 USD on Ebay) for my slim Optiplex 745.
    I hear good things about the 5450 and 5570 also.
  3. actually I forgot i posted this thread, after a while of sulking, i realized that the back plate was removable as well as the extra vga port. for anyone else with the same confusion as me... the back plate is removed by unscrewing the anchors for the actual plug (i.e. the part the screws on the side of a large multi pin port such as vga, screw into... that part should unscrew).

    Also, the graphics card is working to my expectations, and is great for someone with a slimline with only a 250W power supply but it should also be noted that this card can fit a regular size case as well

    thanks to addict and king smp for your advice :)

    also i went with the 4550 with 1gb I saw teh 4650 but i believe it asked for a higher power requirement and I thought I was pushing it with the 4550 since it asked for a 350 i believe... But my 250 must have some left over cause its going pretty good.

    One last thing.... why don't they actually put the peak and mean wattage use for a card... it makes it hard to know what you can put together.... it seems from other posts that the wattage recommended is always a good bit higher than what is really necessary? or perhaps they run a little faster with more wattage flowing.
    any thoughts on these would be welcome ;)
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