Question on newly built pc

hard drive-
+ dvd drive
8400 gs graphic card

Ok so i built it and it is running quite well, however there is an issue where the computer randomly freezes and locks up and doesn't display any issues like errors or blue screen of death. I tested the memory and it went through 8 passes without fail. The hard drive i scanned and it turned up fine. The power supply is tested and passes however, could it be that the power supply is not producing enough power for the components so that it locks up? and if you think it is, what power supply should i purchase? or could there be any other issue?
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  1. Might be a software issue, also how are the temperatures?
  2. ok, well its running windows 7 ultimate, and the freezing tends to occur when copying files from hard drives to hard drives or from hard drives to thumb drives.

    The cpu temperature is 40 degrees Celsius/104 degrees Fahrenheit
    The system temperature is 36 degrees Celsius/96 degrees Fahrenheit
  3. ok so i performed the test and the latency rose up to 11,872. I was not watching it when it went up, but from reading that website it's not good. So the next step is to disable the few components from device manager one at a time and see the max latency after, correct?
  4. Yep. Or it's faster to save your stuff, reinstall the OS and the mobo drivers, create a restore point then install the other drivers, create a second restore point then install your programs one by one and check with that program after each installation. If it's OK, again do a restore point and so on. Eventually you will find the culprit (if it's a conflict), might be the antivirus or anything else. When your latency is off go back to the previous restore point and use some other application instead of that one.

    Run this first
  5. ok I am running the seagate program now, and i am going to reinstall the os and do each one at a time. What is the highest latency that is still ok?

    Thanks a lot by the way!
  6. ok so i scanned the video card (Nvidia 8400 GS ) temperature idles at 80 degrees Celsius, could that possibly responsible for the random freezing
  7. Yep. Try to clean the dust on it.
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