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Help - Need advice on 6-monitor setup using HD 6950

I'd like to find out how to have a 6 monitor setup.

Here is what I currently have:

- 1 x HD 6950
- 3 x Dell 2007WFP monitors 1680x1050 (top row)
- 3 x Dell U2410 monitors 1900x1200 (bottom row)

I intend to purchase another HD 6950 and run Crossfire. With Crossfire running, is it possible to run 6 monitors by connecting 3 monitors to each card or do I have to connect all 6 monitors to one card? I prefer the former as I'd rather not have to buy additional converter cables to plug all monitors into one card.

This setup is mainly used for work purposes as I don't game at all.

Your thoughts?
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    XFiring the cards will not support 6 monitors.

    Just install a second card to drive the additional 3 monitors. I assume you do realize that using the DisplayPort is required for an ATI card to support 3 monitors, therefore you will need to buy an Active DisplayPort adapter for one of the the Dell 2007WFP.
  2. jaguarskx> Tks for the advice. Will keep this in mind.
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  4. I was wondering if you could help. I am running 2 Asus HD 6950 cards with the crossfire installed but disabled in my new computer build. I am trying to run 8 monitors total (4 per card) all are Acer S231HL. It says the card can support up to 6 monitors each, but I can only get up to 2 monitors to run with each card at one time. The computer recognizes all 8 monitors but I can only switch between the 8. I am using 4 DVI ports on the cards and 4 display ports to HMDI cables to the other monitors. The display driver is constantly crashing as well. I'm lost as to what to do at this point. I would appreciate any help.
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