What's a good case for ~$65?

Recently I ordered a CoolerMaster HAF 912 from a local retailer and it came in a really bad shape. The front part (plastic) had numerous cracks and structural damage. I think it was shipped in a rough condition which led to this.

I'm refunding and getting another case now. Is HAF 912 good (If it is shipped undamaged) and how fragile is it? Or is it other cases that are roughly $65 (No discounts or rebates please - not in US.) that are good?

Thanks in advance. (The $65 is just price reference - it's actually converted from my local currency to USD.)
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  1. I looked at the HAF 912 (along with others) at Fry's. Yes, it is a good case

    I currently have the HAF 932, and it does have some plastic parts. Plastic parts are not as durable as metal parts; but certain shapes cannot be fabricated in metal. Plastic is fine as long as the resin is of the right type and the parts are molded at the right mold temps, with the right mold flow, along with the right cooling fixtures if necessary.

    The HAF 912 is a fine case!
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