How do i bring my computer out of sleep mode???

When turning my computer off one night I accidently clicked on sleep mode vs shut down. Now I'm not able to turn the computer back on. I have a Dell Insprion 530. I disconnected everything and unplugged it from the power source. I reconnected the power source but it will not turn on. The computer is getting power because the green light is lit on the back of the unit. I'm trying to find a reset button but have not been successful. At this point I'm out of answers. If anyone can help me I greatly would appreciate it.
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  1. Huh, I was going to say to unplug it for 30 seconds, but now I'm not sure. Sleep stores your active memory in RAM so without power it should just reboot with an error message...

    I would clear your CMOS and see if that makes a difference.

    I don't know what kind of motherboard you have, but I would guess you don't have a reset button on your MB, so removing the battery or using a jumper would be the way to go.
  2. If I have a reset button I can't find it, and believe me I've looked. I'll remove the battery and see if that helps. Thanks.
  3. go into bios and you should findo options there to allow wakeup on mouse, keyboard or eithernet ring. if there turned off you may have issues getting the pc to wake up.
  4. HEXiT said:
    go into bios and you should findo options there to allow wakeup on mouse, keyboard or eithernet ring. if there turned off you may have issues getting the pc to wake up.

    My computer won't turn on at all so I'm not able to go into bios to find any options. I'm beginning to think sleep mode may not be my problem. I've taken out the battery (hoping to reset the computer), I've disconnected everything that I possibly can so that's not the answer. If I take sleep mode out of the equation - what could be preventing my computer from turning on? I checked to make sure everything is connected inside - could I possible need a new battery? My computer is only a little over a yr old so I wouldn't think that could be the problem...but I don't know where else to go from here.
  5. It should still POST without a CMOS battery. I guess you should start by checking your power supply.

    Might seem a bit obvious, but make sure everything is fully plugged and maybe even re-connecting everything.

    I know you said there is a light on the power supply, but do you have a multi-meter handy to test if the motherboard is actually getting power?

    Once you know it's not the power supply you can move on to the motherboard, if that's the problem.

    If it's the CPU, RAM, GPU, etc. it would at least beep so I'm fairly certain it's not those.
  6. I hate to say this but I just had my neighors Inspiron 5xx series here in my shop
    a couple of months ago
    it had viruses
    so I was going to do a cleaning
    well i got it here
    I plugged it in
    I got the same problem it sounds like you are having
    the power light on back of computer was showing input voltage
    but the power button wouldnt do anything
    the motherboard light was on

    So I ordered a OEM replacement off of Ebay for $30 with shipping

    I installed the PSU and worked perfectly

    so to make a long story short

    I think your power supply is bad

    Just my opinion
    I could be wrong......
  7. When you try to turn the unit on does the light turn green, blink green, orange/red, blink orange/red, or does it stay off?

    Likely a PS, my work refurbishes computers, and the Dells that are in the 2-3yr old range (we don't get one year old machines) seem to have some QC issues with their power supplies. Thankfully a PS is a simple fix! you just need to find one that matches whatever odd form factor Dell decided to use that day.
  8. this one should be good if Ebay is available to you

    your stock psu is about 250w
    the replacement is 350w
    @ $30

    if you are not planning video card upgrade
    then that PSU is fine

    it is just four screws in back of computer
    then the 20 pin, 4pin and the sata cables
    plus the front panel plugs (those can be the tricky ones but if you take your time
    it is easy)
    I had the PSU swapped out in less than a half hour
    just make sure switch in back is set to right voltage (110 or 240)
  9. I agree with King... when you put your comp to sleep active data is stored on RAM so while your comp may seem "off" it's really not as it's just in a low power state. Your power supply may have had issues before and you just didn't notice it and putting it to sleep, however accidental, killed it. I'm 90% sure if you replaced the psu your comp will be fine.
  10. Okay I have the same issue but with a new fan psu and mb tookit all apart and got it running yesterday was fine all day left it on overnight it went into sleep. This morning no response power button lit up mouse had power and key board lights blinked when I hit the keys. I unplugged the computer and now it wont start up I had some other proplems recently thats why all the new parts this problem occurred got a new psu which was needed for other reasons but now i think everything s fine and boom . I might need to try the cmos thing which I will have to read on but right now just trying to turn it back on on a cellphone right now
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