Samsung 955DF Issue

Samsung Syncmaster 955df

Problems encountered : With ATI built or powered video's cards, this monitor is unable to take a 640 x 480 resolution. You get a double screen. You get a double screen with any resolution' s emulator who used directX 8.1 , you automatically get a double screen too. At Samsung the problem was set by this way: Use NVidia technologies but this kind of answer will serve us no good. When you ask for this issue at a representative tech support Samsung apporoved reference, they knowed nada . This story was on date : 02/12/12 But this stoty was reported
6 mounths older than this date.Between september and deceember, a try was given to Samsung via one of this technical shop without success. It cost us the travel. And the 955DF is particulary eavy (45lbs) After Samsung accept to do something about this case. They offer me to apply a cuircuit patch called bullet proof(desactivate the open glide fonction in the circuit)(This solution was unacceptable) or change it for brand new 955MP. We choose to change it with these last even if they were less performent.
Samsung will paided the travel...3 weeks after UPS came freely take cakee of the batch of 955DF for Samsung, no news...
We hope UPS won'T loooose the bunch. There small you know!(Monitors)
-ATI Chipset (rage 128, xpert pro, radeon, nameit...)
-Direct X 8.1 Open Glide
-resolution Emulator( Novalogic series, DX-ball,..etc.)
-All bench was done on any Win9x 32 bit with a lot of different motherboard chipset, with a different hardware environnement WITH the same result.
At this point I'm suprise to find nada about this issue on differents forum I surfed. But the most suprising thing is when you want information at SAMSUNG ,ther is no known problem with this monitor.

A frustate french customer
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  1. I thought screen resolution was determined only by the video card? Why didn't you want to get a different video card? Did you try 800x600, you may get used to it?
  2. There is didfferents reasons I prefer to use ATI chipset but one of these (the principal) is "I LOVE IT". With Matrox, ATI is the most easy to fix for a lot of games and applications. Reason: they both use direct 3D via directX
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