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I have had this recurring problem with selected games (DC Universe Online, Borderlands, Dead Island, Dungeon Defenders, etc.) and rare cases in all other games where the screen shifts out of place with purple horizontal lines here and there with a sound loop, after a few seconds, the screen turns black with 'no signal' on the screen. The computer is still on though and a hard reset is required for it to get back up.

I've tried google and it led me here, saw similar cases but could not make out what was happening in the solutions. I was hoping to get instructional and informative help so I can broaden my knowledge and fix this problem.

I've tried setting to single display performance, turned off threaded optimization, updating drivers, lowering shader and core clocks, changing the TdrDelay to 5 secs from 2 secs.

GPU Temp when it happens is about 54C and playing on fullscreen or windowed mode doesn't change anything.

I'm not quite sure what specs I'm supposed to post but I hope this helps, please do ask if there need be more info needed.

ASUS P5KPL-AM EPU Motherboard
Intex 650VA UPS
NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250
GeForce 295.73 Driver
Windows 7 64 bit
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU
DirectX 11

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  1. are they all online? if so then it seems there is a problem with the software that connects you to the servers. I don't play online but a new install might help
  2. Hi!

    Some are online games while the others are offline. :[ I have already tried re-installing to no avail...
  3. try physically removing your vid card, uninstall all the drivers, reboot, reinstall all the drivers, reboot, install the vid card.


    Try a different ard2monitor cable dvi,vga,display poer,hdmi what ever you are using

    How are you monitoring your temps? what is your fan speed?

    try everything in this thread:

  4. Hi,

    Problem is still there.

    I use MSI Afterburner to monitor the temps with fan speed on auto (35).

    The thread has issues on power, nearby interference, or the screen itself which isn't the problem in this one... and he ends up changing almost all his computer parts. :S

    Help. :(
  5. So your card is Oc'd?
  6. Hi,

    As mentioned in the first post, I lowered the shader and core clocks, is that in anyway overclocking?...
  7. Underclocked I would guess. Have you tried a different monitor to rule out it being the monitor? I had a prob once where RED stopped working. it was the vga cable. I'll have to think on this one
  8. Hi,

    I have failed to mention that have I, yes I have tried. :(
  9. do you have another gpu you can try? switch out the 250 with anything and see if the problem persists. try running mark3d with both cards and see what happens. it doesn't matter your score you are just trying to see if you can replicate the situation.

    from another post:
    I would say it could be a varity of things.

    1. As mentioned it could be a driver issue.

    2. Your card might have alot of dust near the actual slot, so I would reseat the card and blow out any excessive dust.

    3. Check to make sure the monitor cable is fully secrued in the VGA port.

    Those are the easy remedies. here are a few that are a bit more severe.
    1. Your video card could be dying. When Video cards die they often go with "artifacting" which could prove to be bad Video Ram. Eventually they will die out completely.

    2. Your monitor may be having issues. I would try another one if you can to determine if it is you monitor or the card itself.

    Best of luck

  10. Try using Nvidia's driver removal tool to completely remove the current driver then install the latest drivers.

    read this:


    From everything I've found it sounds like your card is dying. Sucks, I know but it has to happen to somebody,

    try this: http://www.techpowerup.com/downloads/2119/NVIDIA_ForceWare_296.10_Vista__W7_64-bit.html
  11. Hi,

    His graphics card was at a constant 62C while mine is 54C at most. Is 54C overheating? If not then I think my graphics card still has some life in it...

    Is there no other solution to this problem?
  12. I realize the temp difference is significant but that doesn't mean somewhere along the line it DIDN'T overheat. Or you may have gotten a short lived card. The only thing I can think of is try your card in a friends box and see if you have the same problem. If so, your card's on it's last leg. If not it could mean you have a mobo issue.

    Maybe it's just a problem with the cable socket. are you using aDVI cable? What brand is your card? Does it have a VGA connection? HDMI? D-Port? If so try a different cable socket.
  13. Hi,

    If the graphics card was dying wouldn't it be unable to play other games that have demanding graphics? Just a thought but you may be right.

    The graphics card is in the first post and I am using the VGA connection.
    "NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250"

    There's only 1 VGA socket so I am not sure when you mean by a different cable socket?

    I think I give up on finding a solution to this...
  14. All though it does sound like the card may just be going bad all the games you mentioned use Open GL and Direct X conversion. Try this real quick goto the run command and type DXdiag when the box pops up hit yes. When the diagnostics tool window pops up go to the display tab there should be a button that says test direct draw. Hit that button and see if it cuases a the screen to be drawn out of place all test should be centered on the moniter. Also while your there check the DirectXfiles tab and makes sure the bottom text box says no problems found.
  15. Hi!

    That's weird, I don't see any "Test Direct Draw" button. :0 :(

    Although it does say "No problems found." under Notes and the only DirectDraw I see here is "DirectDraw Acceleration: Enabled"

    I'm running on DirectX 11, is it supposed to have that button? D:
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