What to upgrade next,advice needed


looking to spend about $250 aus on upgrading somthing on my rig,wanting to get as much extra purformance as i can playing games like, Rift,WoW and 50+ steam games.

Overall happy with my Rig not a monster Pc but handles ok just likes a few more FPS on higher settings and in more intanse gameplay.

My rig.

Stock AMD phenom ii 555Be (unable to unlock extra cores 2011 model)(stock cooler 40c idle and 58-61c load)havent overclocked yet due to high temps and still under some what of a warranty.


As-rock 880GM-LE(usb3)

Micro ATX AM3 AMD 880G
SB710 2 x DDR3 1800(OC) 1 x PCIe 2.0 x16
1 x PCIe 2.0 x1
2 x PCI ATI Hybrid
CrossFireX AMD Radeon HD 4250
(DVI-D / D-Sub) 5.1 CH HD


4GB cosair

Video card

Gainward GTS 250

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, 32-bit (Service Pack 3)
DirectX version: 9.0
GPU processor: GeForce GTS 250
Driver version: 266.58
DirectX support: 10
CUDA Cores: 128
Core clock: 675 MHz
Shader clock: 1458 MHz
Memory clock: 900 MHz (1800 MHz data rate)
Memory interface: 256-bit
Memory: 1024 MB
Memory type: GDDR3
Video BIOS version: 62.92.9A.00.00
IRQ: 18
Bus: PCI Express x16 Gen2


Thermaltake Litepower 600W

Cooling System 2000±10%R.P.M.
Efficiency 70% (min.) at normal AC input voltage and frequency
Safety Approval UL, TUV, CE, FCC,BSMI,GOST
PCI-E Connector 6Pin x 1, 8Pin x 1

+3.3v-24A +5v-15A 12V(1)-25A 12v(2)-20A -12v-0.3A +5Vsb-2.5A

Thinking of upgrading either CPU or video card looking at GTX460 or 955Be cpu.Really wanting to know what one would get me better bang for buck.

From what i can read,upgrading to a 4 core 955be gives me 2 extra cores,and playing games like Rift/WoW im never going to notice a differance. True?

upgrading Video card.i'm thinking is better option but its only 6 months old after just spending $160 on it,would like to see a noticable imporvement if spending 200+$ on a GTX 460 and then the argument of if my PSU will handle it.with 2 6pin leads it could only draw 150 watts power + 100 watts cpu + 50 watts for 2-3fans and Hdd right?

Not looking at spending 1000's of $$ on my Rig just a few 100 to get some improvments if i can.

After any advice,But if some one has made simallar changes and has feedback that would be great.

Thanks heaps ppls!
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  1. Your system should handle a video card upgrade fine maybe HD6850 GTX460 level. Your CPU temps are high unless the ambient is 30°C+, reseating the cooler with new TIM or a after market cooler would be a solution.
  2. thanks for reply rolli59

    Ambient temps at sub 30c have been looking for the reason for the high temps.have 2 fans 12Cm and 9Cm both blowing hot air out,Cpu fan seems to stay at a idle 3800rpm option for cool @ quite is off in bois but dont bliveve its working right.

    Was looking at after market heatsinks but always shy away from playing around with Cpu.

    Would the GTX 460 provide a decent Fps boost?Cpu says only running @ 55-70% in intanse combat and never droping under 15 FPS,so at only a guess a GTX 460 would bottleneck Cpu to 100%by bottlenecking Cpu not card like im guessing is happening now,in someway giving a improvment?
  3. What do you have for intake fan? Your temp could be because of that if you do not have one. Recommended min airflow would be intake in the front and out in the back. A fast dual core like yours should be able to keep up with GTX460.
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