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My Asus motherboard quit working after mailing it across the us. I took video card, liquid cooling, ram, and all disk drives out and mailed them in a different box wrapped in antistatic. I installed all of the components exactly they way i did the first time except now every time i turn on the pc the video card fan goes full blast and i get no display. I figured it was the video card so i used the on board one. it works for about 5 min then the system just shuts off. i thought it was the pcie slot so i moved to my second still the same thing. I re tightened all connectors and everything because i figured there was a short somewhere. I am completely clueless I even reset the bios anyone know how to fix this?
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  1. I have shipped several systems before and it takes an insane amount of bubble wrap to prevent damage. And even then you're not safe from damage. Simply "shipping+PC= no good".

    A screw or other sharp object could have scraped the board and broken/shorted a trace (could be very small and difficult to see with the naked eye). Or memory modules/pci slots could have gotten tweaked in transit. Solder joints could have been flexed too far depending on how the mobo was packaged.

    BUT in an effort to stay positive; I'm going to assume you know how to properly clear/reset CMOS as that would be my first step too. Moving forward, set sites on PSU. These don't travel well either, especially if someone in transit has had a bad day. :) Do you have a second PSU to test with?
    Alternatively, reseat ALL components. If you've done it once on the receiving side, go ahead and do it again; CPU and RAM are mainly what I'm referring to here.

    If nothing seems to resurrect the system, then do the normal troubleshoot thing: reduce to the bare bones hardware and work up (onboard GPU, CPU, PSU, 1 stick of RAM - no PCI cards, no storage, etc).

    Good luck, let us know how you get on...

    Edit: did you ship with the CPU and heatsink installed?
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