What Motherboards work with the Kingston Hyper X H20 Memory ?

I am building my first computer. It will be water cooled. I have researched and studied everything I can about water cooling. In the process of researching I came across the Kingston Hyper X water cooled chipset. I want the Best Motherboard for Gaming and Personal computing with the ability to handle strong graphics for CAD. I have been very interested in ASUS but so far I cannot find a board that supports Hyper X. Who would you suggest? bumbypg@yahoo.com
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  1. Dont leave your email publicly available on any site.

    I cant seem to find a certified motherboard list and Im not going to take the time to go through all the motherboards I can think of looking at compatibility. If the motherboard suppors 2133Mhz memory, it is probably fine.

    If you want to make sure, choose a potential candidate for a motherboard and go to the manufacturer's website, locate the motherboard, and there should be a "Certified Memory" list (or something similar.) It will indicate what ram sets are guaranteed to work with the motherboard.

    As a side note I have a set of air cooled HyperX in my rig. The ram is not on the certified memory list for the mobo and it works great. The first step in making sure it will work is that the motherboard supports the speed, architecture (DDR, DDR2, DDR3), number of sticks, and other features (dual/triple channel.) Some memory will state that its designed for a specific chipset, but that doesnt exclude its use for other chipsets.
  2. Try http://www.kingston.com/us/memory/search/options/ or just contacting tech support http://www.kingston.com/us/support Those guy are freaking smart and will let you know
    what works!
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