Worth upgrading graphics card?

well i would like to upgrade my graphics card but is it worth it? i have a desktop pc :
Processor: Intel E7300 2.66Ghz Core 2 Duo
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-EP43-DS3L rev 1.0
Graphics: Asus PCI-E 512MB 9800GT (NVIDIA)
RAM: Kingston HyperX 4GB (2x2) DDR2 1066

I would like to get the 1gb gtx 460se or the 1gb gtx 560 but first of all, i would like to know if they would work properly on my computer playing new games at a high resolution without any problems as i am going to buy a 24 inch led full hd monitor. OR should i just wait a bit and get a new computer system.?

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  1. First off the gtx 460se is a watered down gtx 460 so rather choose between gtx 460 and gtx 560 ti.

    Yes they will help you run games smoothly but you really want to overclock your Cpu to atleast 3.0Ghz, the biggest performance boost your system will get is by upgrading the graphics card. Then you can always upgrade the rest of the platform later.

    I highly recommend the gtx 560 ti, i`m using one.
  2. ok but are you a 100% sure that it will work with my cpu and motherboard smoothly with no problems because i dont really wont to spend over $300 for something that won't work.

  3. u have to OC your cpu a little.
  4. Ok thanks guys but i don't know how to overclock it to 3.0ghz :( can you please help. my pc case is the
    Antec Sonata III Case with PSU and my computer specs are in my first post. Also my cpu is safe for overclocking to 3.0ghz yer?

  5. Any ideas??
  6. Quote:
    * Bump posts, claim "first!"

  7. Why would you need to upgrade your 9800GT? It's still a good G.card. Nevermind.
    I think I'll choose GTX 560Ti.
    With your CPU, it will be a bottleneck at CPU, but don't worry, it provides cooler temperature to the GPU working underload.

    Later, if you want to eliminate CPU bottleneck, upgrade the CPU to i5-2500K or 2600K. It will utilize the full ability of GTX 560Ti.
  8. i would love to get a better cpu but my motherboards supports lga 775 sockets and the i5 supports 1155 unless there is a way to get it working?
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