Can asus z9pe-d8 ws run with one cpu ?

am thinking to build Z9PE-D8 WS for work or Evga sr-x but evga is expencive but it does have jumber to switch off the cpu socket and use single cpu.
due the lake of mony at present time i intend to buy one single E5-2687W to run on asus z9pe-d8 ws and when is the time come i'll buy the second cpu .
my question is do z9pe-d8 ws have the ability to use one single cpu installed or do asus have a jumper to switch one of the two socket off?
any confirmed info will be highly appreciated . thanks in advance
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  1. Have you looked on the Asus website, or tried Google?
  2. yes. and i red the user manual for Z9PE-D8 WS but no luck to have enough info .any suggestion ?
  3. Sounds like a call to Asus tech support is in order.
  4. If you look in the manual on Asus, you can see a 1 CPU configuration is possible

    Unfortunately, it's only referenced in the RAM section not the CPU section. Only 4 DIMM sockets are available if you use one CPU...
  5. i'v red that but when it comes to connecting the power pins for both CPUs they said you must have both cpu's power pin plugged to the power supply and if you don't do that the mobo will never boot up , so you see if i install one cpu and plug the two socket to power supply , it might get malfunction in the other motherboard component that why i'm concerned to know if there a switch i can use to be sure i'll never have problem in later .thank you for yous answer but i hope you can correct me if some thing is missing
  6. I understand the manual isn't explicit in this support, therefore I understand your hesitation. But most dual cpu systems are able to run with a single CPU, as long as it's in the 1st CPU socket.

    As for power, you do need to insure you've connected all the power connectors, or it won't boot - you're right. But you should be buying an appropriate PSU for this board even if you're only populating one CPU.

    Unfortunately I can't give you any further assurance than that... Therefore I recommend, as clarkjd has done, to contact ASUS to be doubly sure.
    Sorry I couldn't give you anything more concrete...
  7. The board works with 1 CPU.

    However, half of the PCIe slots are wired to the second CPU, so with only one CPU you will have access to limited number of PCIe slots.

    Same goes for memory, of course - with 1 CPU, you can only access DIMMs that are routed to the CPU slot #1.
  8. many thanks to clarify and confirm that, now halve the way for building the system is easy to manage ,but i do want to ask you if you could give your opinion on this matter:
    i'm really confused,64594
    do they perform at the same level or wich is better in term of speed ?and multitasking? if the programs support that (we assume the application support more cores)

    Xeon has 7.2GT/s I7 3960x has 5GT/s
    15 mb cash 15 mb cash
    2 Ghz>2.5GHz 3.3GHz>3.9 GHz
    selecting Xeon means i can upgrade with second cpu and more ram and more GPUs on dual socket board, selecting the I7 means more ram and more GPUs but no more extra CPUs. but if Xeon don't meet the same level of I7 for performance i'm going to change the whole plan cause I7 don't support tow sockets, in another words i will pay more money on dual socket to get the same performance of one cpu and that's make me uncomfortable . thanks in advance
  9. sorry i made mistake the cpu i'm trying to compare it to I7 is this
  10. peterindigital said:

    In these comparisons, the Xeons are going to be faster. But your application/purpose is going to make all the difference if you are going to "see" the faster performance.

    If this is going to be a file server for a few people, then you're probably spending too much money. If this is going to be a dedicated SQL or Exchange box, then it's completely different (depending on the projected workload).

    Pragmatically speaking, the Xeons you are comparing with the Core i7, they are faster - more cores more cache, plus scaleability with a second CPU. But it all depends if it's worth it.

    Can you elaborate on what the system is to be used for and any projections on workload?
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