Hello everyone,

I have assembled a pc recently by myself. The configuration is as follows: -

Intel i5 2400
motherboard - intel DH61WW
500 gb sata seagate hard disk
Galaxy GTS 450 GC graphic card
basic PSU unit - 230v 5amp, +12v rail has 22 amps
ups - frontech 600VA

This pc has been assembled just three weeks back, i have windows 7 ultimate and i had no issue with the pc initially other than heating problem while playing games (games used to shut down when the chipset use to get heated up), i resolved this issue by using speedfan to increase the speed fan manually and leave the side cover of the desktop open while playing. But recently i had some problems with the desktop, the pc used to restart after logging in, before showing the desktop screen. The moniter used to go in power saving mode and nothing would respond and used to restart by itself. This has to happen every first two times when i use to start the pc, another problem i use to face during this time is when playing games the pc used to restart with the moniter going to power saving mode. I tried updating windows and the restarting problem got resolved, but still while playing
games the pc used to get hang-up. I tried uninstalling graphic cards driver reinstalling but had no positive results.

i have bought new cooler master 500 watts power supply but still i am having problem with logging in and as well playing games... my pc gets stuck when i log in... and i have to reset... i have also formatted the operating system and reinstalled... but no effect...

following is the error which occurs: -
Problem event name - Bluescreen
Files that help describe the problem - 1) c:\windows\minidump\072311-13057-01.dmp
2) c:\users\asimo\appdata\local\temp\WER-26473-0.sysdata.xml

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  1. i have also tried running memory check through safe mode but i am not able to check the result, as the result is meant to be shown after the restart... but i am not able to log in itself to see the report... the pc gets hanged after logging in... i also tried running some diagnostics in safe mode... the windows detected problem with superfetch but it was not able to rectify it...
  2. i also wanted to mention the BC code for the error is 50... is it something to do with RAM? but how do i do a memory check as i am not able to because the memory test itself will give me a report once i restarts and log in, which i am not able to as it hangs in the normal mode...
  3. BC code 50 can be caused by varies reasons. Memory is only one of them. try check all the driver updates and use a different graphic card as well. by your description, your old heating problem may caused some damage to your graphic memory
  4. get bluescreen viewer it will help you read the errors properly.

    saying the error was something or 50 other doesnt help. you need to be specific...
    when you boot into windows press f8 and turn off instant reboot on error... this way the bluescreen will stay till you power off. giving you time to write down the error...

    standard error codes look like 0x00000000 (0000000000,00000.... and so on) and you should see a small error report at the top of the screen that will be specific to the number code seen earlier.

    write both down and either google the microsoft answer which will pretty much be the best you can find or come here and give all relivant infos...
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