Will these parts be compatible? Please help before I buy them.

will this memory (kingston KHX1333C9D3B1K2/8G) be compatable with the z68 ext 4gen3 and/or the ext3gen3 mb boards. I have no intention of O/C if that matters. I could not find this listed under the mother board site or kingstons memory site. Also, if I went with a 1600 memory at 1.65v, which I found acceptable on both sites, would this 1600 ram sort of void the cpu warrenty.thanks
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  1. Hello,

    That first ram you listed should be good. Also I would not go with the 1.65V ram as you can void your processors warrenty by not using 1.5V ram (as well as compatibility issues with 1.65V ram and some motherboards). Since you are not even OC'ing anyways - the second ram you listed would be "worthless upgrade" anyways.
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