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hii ...
i wanna know a good processor and motherboard for gaming , please tell me a processor of under 4000 rupees ( 78.4 dollars) and tell me a nice mobo of under 3000 or 2500 rupees (58.68 or 48.9 dollars ) and also give me the link for both if possible , also tell me that do i need to buy any other hardware if i am buying new mobo and processor? :D thank u very much , thanxxxx
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  1. What is your current setup?
  2. currently i have ,
    500gb Hdd
    4 Gb ddr2 ram
    amd radeon hd 7750 graphics card
    intel pentium d processor ( it stucks my games all the time i cant play games :cry: )
  3. You have a choice... AMD or Intel...
  4. any brand but should be best under 4000 rupees , but ur askin bout mobo or processor??
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