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GTX 560 coming down in price?

Hello all. I am currently using a gtx 260 and plan on upgrading soon. I was originally planning on getting a 460, but when the 560s came out I figured I would rather pay the extra 50 or so dollars for that. But recently a friend told me that the 560s may drop down even closer to the 200 dollar range because new video cards are coming out towards the end of this month or so. Is this true? Should I wait a bit before buying the 560 or does he have his information wrong and it won't be dropping in price any time soon? Thanks for the replies.
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  1. They won't drop by that much unless they release a 'smart edition' or a version with lower memory. Otherwise, some manufacturers may try their best to hold the lowest price spot, but I would estimate another $20 drop at most for the current 560's.
  2. Not for a while; the GTX 460 are more than $50 cheaper. You can find them for $165 with MIRs.

    That's potentially $100 swing.
  3. Just fork out. I got a stock Inno3D gtx 560 ti and haven't regretted that for a moment. I'd have paid more even the performance has been so good. That's with my puny rubbish cpu as well.
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    With the pending GTX550 taking over the price/performance range just below the GTX560, it's unlikely the 560's will drop in price. The only reason would be to counter an AMD release or price drop, which already happened a few weeks ago.
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