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I already have every component needed for my new build except for a monitor.
I would really like to know the difference between these two displays:
Viewsonic VX2739WM Monitor
Viewsonic VT2730 HDTV

Would you see any difference in quality using the HDTV as a computer monitor over VX2739WM? Keep in mind I will be sitting about 30 inches away from the screen.
Both are full HD 1080p, both have high contrast, both have fast response times. I am just interested in if the VT2730 would work well as a computer monitor.

Thank you in advance
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  1. The VX is the newer model but the actual difference in picture quality will be hard to tell even if you had them side by side. The main difference is the stand, the VX sits a bit higher and is a bit bigger than the VG and also weighs a bit more. Either will work just fine as a monitor, 30 inches is still very close.
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