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Hello all.

Im looking to get a new cpu, mother board, ram and windows 7 for my pc. im not very tech savvy and really need a lot of help.
i don't know to install windows 7 first and then the other components. im am just lost and its making me not want to upgrade.i dont know how to post the specs to show you what i have though
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  1. First, what are you going to be using this PC for and what's your budget?
    Are you looking for a complete rebuild or just board/RAM/CPU, meaning keeping case, power supply, etc.?
  2. Yeah im keeping everything except the board,ram and processer. around 100 is my budget but i found ram, a new board , i5 and win7 for around 600
  3. There is a very helpful 3-part series on NewEgg for builders
    Watch the videos and come back if you still have questions.

    What RAM/board/i5 are you using and what version of Win7?
  4. mobo/ASUS 1155 P8H67-M PRO R3 S/L M-ATX

    i5-2500K Unlocked Core i5 Quad-Core Processor (3.30GHz, 6MB Cache, Socket 1155)

    ram/Corsair CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9 8GB 1600MHz CL9 DDR3 Vengeance Memory Two Module Kit
  5. Just curious why you chose the H67 board?
    Z68 is more future proof and better for overclocking.

    I assume you meant 1000 for budget, not 100 and if you found the board/RAM/i5 AND Win7 for 600 you have a little room in your budget.

    This is great overall Z68 board.

    If you're not wanting to spend that much on a board, here's one closer to what you were spending on the H67.

    If you don't plan on overclocking, the stock i5 fan/heatsink should be fine.
    Make sure you have at least a 550 or 600W power supply.
  6. Thanks for the links sharkyte, it helped a lot.

    i changed my plans a bit, im now also going to be getting a new hdd. can i just install this with my new mobo/i5 and ram like i was building a new pc and not have to worry about upgrading from xp?
  7. You want to stick with XP?
    Keep in mind if you have 32-bit version, it won't see more than 3.5GB of RAM.

    If you're getting a new HDD, I'd recommend a fresh install of XP or Windows 7 on an SSD. You won't see as much of a performance hike as you would with a fresh new OS install. I have Windows 7 Pro on an Intel SSD and took a partition on my larger HDD and mirrored the OS on it.
  8. sorry, i meant i was getting a new hdd and a copy of windows 7 to install along with it. can i just do this as if i was building a new pc? i just dont want to go through the bother of up gradding from xp to 7. il just put some files on a usb and move them over
  9. That's the best way to go, you'll get much better performance with a clean install of Windows 7.
  10. thanks sharkey, anything else i should know before going ahead with all this?
  11. Only other advice is when you get the board, place it atop the box it came in, not on the static bag, and get the CPU and heatsink attached with thermal paste and install the RAM in the A2 and B2 slots and power on with video attached to see if you can get to BIOS screen. Easier to troubleshoot if you can't get there with parts out of case.

    Any other questions or anything you're unsure of?
  12. will i have to do anything to use my internet? or can i just plug it in and it will work?

    aloso should i unistall anything before taking my pc apart and putting in the new parts?
  13. You need to be in OS to use Internet but you should be able to get online using generic drivers and go directly to mobo manufacturer website and download latest drivers. What do you mean uninstall anything before taking it apart? To replace motherboard, CPU and RAM you should be gutting your system and starting from scratch anyways.
  14. do i have to unistall any drivers or anything?
  15. Just get the new board in and load the drivers for new board one by one.
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