New Build wont power up?!

I just put together my first build and when I tried to power it up via the motherboard everything tries to come on, then goes off, then tries to come on again. It keeps doing this on about 1 sec intervals until I shut off the power. Any ideas?
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  1. Having your specs up always helps.

    Can you get your system to power on to POST outside of the case? Set the mobo on the box it came in, with CPU, video card (if using), and RAM, make sure to plug in CPU power and main board connector and power on. If you can get POST beep and see flash screen, you're doing something wrong when it comes to building into case. Are you lining up the standoffs properly and screwing the board down?

    If you can't get that far even out of the case, check RAM insertion, evaluate your CPU heatsink installation. Keep us posted.
  2. My specs are: EVGA Z68 SLI mobo, EVGA GTX560ti video card, i5 2500k cpu, Rosewill green series 630w +12v power supply, GSkill Ripjaws 4gx2, NZXT Guardian 921 case.

    I will try assembling out of case, thanks
  3. Lat time I dealt with a system doing that it was bad ram. Check your ram sticks or try it with some different memory if you have osme.
  4. I now have everything out of the case and it still wont work. If i remove components will it still try to power up? I am thinking of trying to start it with one component out to try and pinpoint the problem
  5. Even with only the processor hooked up it wont work, maybe a problem with the actual motherboard?
  6. Yes, definitely sounds like you got a bad board.
    You do need to have one stick of RAM installed, so try with just CPU and RAM.
    Best if you can try a different one that you were using before.

    When it's in an "off" state, just plugged in, how are you powering it on?
  7. You should get a series of beeps if it's bad or no ram during POST. If it doesn't beep with no ram installed, it's probably a bad board.
  8. I think its the power supply, at least thats what the mobo manufacturer says...
    The power supply is from Rosewill and now that I look there are multiple complaints on Newegg of the same problem. I guess the moral is dont buy Rosewill! Can you recommend a bettter power supply manufacturer? It seems like there are a lot of DOA reports for most of the brands I have looked at...
  9. Seasonic and Corsair are solid.....I'm using the Seasonic, excellent reviews, very effiicient and it's modular! Keep in mind, EVERY manufacturer has its share of DOA products and the Rosewill Capstone series is highly reviewed, I almost got 650W, it is 80 Plus Gold Certified, but I gave the Seasonic a shot since it was modular for cable management purposes, and I'm glad I did.
  10. So now i have purchased a new power supply, a corsair hx750, and I am still having the exact same problem! I am stumped. For the cpu, I set it in the holder, with the notches alligned, closed the holder, applied a pea sized drop of thermal grease, installed the heatsink. Any possible problems with that installation? I am just finding it hard to believe that I would get a bad power supply 2 times in a row, especially since i went with a considerably better power supply the second time...
  11. replace the motherboard yet?
  12. Thats what Im doing now...
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