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~350kb/s Cap?

Hey guy's, I have a problem...

I have about a 2 MB (byte, not bit) internet connection, when used on my desktop pc.

Now I have a 2.8 ghz single core celeron powered 256 mb ram computer I use in my bedroom for torrent's and misc internet browsing, nothing major.

I'm keeping this pc as 'dumbed down' as possible, I have xp pro on here (not even SP 1...) bare minimum installed.

I have a linksys wrt160n v2 wireless N router, and am using a linksys wireless usb stick (that ive taken the case off, and plugged into an internal usb port that is part of my usb 2.0 card) now when I use any torrent, or download anything I can only get a max of 350 kb/s.

It's annoying me quite a bit since now its taking like 3 times longer to download things on this pc... It says I have a 54 Mb connection, but I am getting closer to 2 Mb... Is this a problem with my router? is this because of xp not being updated at all? problem with my wireless usb?

(This computer when plugged in via ethernet will only get 3xx kb/s as well... Any ideas?)
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    How are you measuring your performance, via your torrent app? Regardless, that isn't too bad given you only have a 2Mbps connection.

    Wireless connectivity is not as effective as wired connectivity and even with a 54Mbps system, you won't come anywhere close to getting that level of throughput. The overhead of managing the connection, error correction, re-transmits, interference, etc all play a role, as well as signal strength.

    You also have the issue of a fairly underwhelming computer that must process all of the data. In your case, if it works, leave it alone.

    You can check your router to make sure you don't have any caps imposed. Also, look at your torrent config and make sure you aren't capping yourself as well. Last, keep in mind that some torrent apps will cap themselves based on a ratio of upload and download speeds.

    Good luck!
  2. Sorry, I meant MB not Mb.

    IE: when I download a file I can easily get 2 MB/s.

    I've looked at the torrent app itself, changed the number of connections per torrent, it sped up by a bit, but when using the internet loading a page takes a while, as if my connection is maxed out.

    It's not a big deal I guess I was just wondering if I'd overlooked something simple, or if my router possibly has a cap in place.
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