New GPU choice confounded by drivers?

I've decided to upgrade my HD5770 so I can play some newer games. For example, I just picked up Civ 5, and that card won't handle high settings.
So...per sticky:

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: ASAP; probably today or tomorrow

BUDGET RANGE: It just about makes me grind my teeth, but realistically, $250.

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: New games, but not likely to include FPS titles. I play mostly RPG but also some RTS and a few other non-twitch games. Nothing else that needs a potent GPU.

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: Current GPU in this machine is a HD5770. Current PSU is an Antec SG-650 (so I'm not worried about power); will likely center a new build around the new GPU later this year, using either the SG-650 or a Seasonic X-560.

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: Right now, I have a single PCIE slot on a 870iCafe. As mentioned above, this GPU will likely be used in a SB or BD build I will do later this year.

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS:, ZipZoomFly, TigerDirect, other reputable.

PARTS PREFERENCES: If AMD, I won't touch Diamond, and like HIS and XFX. I don't think there are any nVidia board partners on my "Do Not Buy" list yet, although I'm not sure about Sparkle and Galaxy. Quiet is a Good Thing.

OVERCLOCKING: Shouldn't be necessary, so no.

SLI OR CROSSFIRE: No, but another card to do PhysX isn't out of the question once I get a second slot.

MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1920x1080, with no higher planned.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I've been poring over benchmarks. The Civ 5 ones REALLY favor the GTX560, so much so that I wonder if there's a [fixable] driver issue at work here. Otherwise, there are less expensive choices, like a HD6870. Even a HD5870 is cheaper now, although it is louder, hotter, and sucks more juice.
As much as I prefer to be frugal, as US parasites continue to spend borrowed OPM they have no hope of repaying, within a year or so I expect the dollar to collapse as a currency, so this may be my last chance to pick up a nice GPU.
So, which is it? HD6870 and expect a driver fix, or bite the bullet and get the GTX560?
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    Well hoestly it comes down to budget, a 560 is a great card for sure and I would hate for you to buy a 6870 and then find in this or that game you're not getting the performance you want. That said, you generally don't need max FPS when not playing shooters so a 6870 would probably be adequate.

    Also when you build the new PC, you might consider crossfire which would be a lot cheaper than SLI 560s obviously.

    So... eh it's really up to you. I'd probably just bite the bullet and get the 560.
  2. Hmmm, I was hoping for some idea of whether or not the poor Civ 5 performance on AMD cards was an anomaly that might be fixed. I still haven't decided what to get.
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  4. I bit the bullet and ordered the Asus 560...
  5. Cool good luck with that. Would be nice to see some results after you get it.
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