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Extended desktop problem win xp sp3 / ATI x1050


I have a windows xp sp3 pc with a ATI radeon x1050 graphics cart.

I have recently bought a 24" monitor, but now I wanted to connect my old 19" monitor as a second monitor.

So I connected the screen to DVI port using a DVI to VGA connector, but I couldn't set the second screen as an extended desktop. I'm sure the screen is connected properly and is working, because when I lower the resolution of my primary monitor to the resolution of my secondary monitor the screen works fine, but it is just a copy of the primary screen, not an extended desktop.

What I have tried allready:
* using catalyst -> I can click the second screen and it then prompts me, asking if I wish to activate the second screen, when I click yes, it doesn't activate the screen.
* Using windows desktop properties -> I click the option to extend my desktop, but when I click "apply" the option is automatically deactivated.
* I have uninstalled the ATI drivers and tried with the default windows drivers, but that didn't work.
* I have installed the latest drivers, but still the same problem.

I don't know what to do?

Could it be that the resolution is too high for my graphics cart with two screens (1920x1080 + 1280x1024).
Would it work with a DVI + VGA cable in stead of using 2 VGA cables and a DVI to VGA adaptor?

I don't have a DVI cable and don't want to pay 25€ for something that might not even solves my problem.

Did anybody knows something that I can try?

thx allready!
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    Sounds like your integrated graphic chip set does not support extended mode. Here's something you can try: Lower the resolution of your primary monitor to match that of your secondary monitor (1280x1024). Save the primary monitor at that resolution and then try to extend your display to the secondary monitor. Different display resolutions is the only other reason I can think of that would limit extended mode (other than your chip set does not support it).

    Your easiest solution would be to install any low-end dual-output graphics card. I had an old ATI 9200 and NVidia 5200 that could both support dual monitors in extended mode with different resolutions.

    -Wolf sends
  2. oke, thx

    I'm not using my pc for gaming or graphical stuff, so I will go and get an fairly cheap new graphics cart.

    I'm just using my pc for playing poker, doing some MS office work and watching video's.

    I found this cart on the website of my local computer store for 40€ (55$) -> Asus VGA AMD Radeon PCIE 2.0 HD 5450 512MB.

    This will have to do.

    Thanks for the answer Wolf ;)
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