N68S3+ Biostar No Video problem

I am building a computer and have a few questions. I connected everything, it is getting power, but I get no video. Do not hear any post beeps, but the cpu fan is spinning, and the USB ports are working. The monitor is good, I tested it on my laptop and it works perfect. The motherboard is a Biostar N68S3+, I was thinking it was a dead on board video card? I did not plug in anything into the 4 pin ATX power, I just plugged in the 24pin from my PSU into the motherboard. Do I need to also connect power into the 4 pin? the board has on board audio and video. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. I think I may have found the problem, The CPU I bought seems to not be listed under the supported CPUs on Biostar's website. Mine is a x3 450 AMD Athlon II ADX450WFGMBOX
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