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Eyefinity & 6-monitors

Do the new 6xxx - series video cards come with native 6-monitor eyefinity support or does it have to be a special version like the 5870 that was released to support 6 instead of just 3.
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  1. You need to get the ones that specifically say they support it, as most can only support 3 natively.
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    AMD's display output logic is clearly superior to what NVIDIA has to offer at this time. Vendors are free to combine six TMDS links into any output configuration they want (dual-link DVI consuming two links) - and use them all at the same time. AMD has also introduced DisplayPort 1.2 support with their new cards which allows the use of a DisplayPort hub to connect multiple monitors, or daisy chain them together.

    so yes, they support 6 monitors, BUT you need to daisy chain displayport monitors in order to do so, since most cards only have 2 DP outputs (or use a mst hub, though I haven't seen any yet). And for the daisy chaining you might need some funky cables, not sure exactly how it is done...

    amd promo slide, 2 dp outputs, six displays

    "DP 1.2 monitors have 2+ ports, with which you can connect up to 3 monitors in serial. Two ports on the card, so 6 monitors that way. You can do this only with native DisplayPort 1.2 supportive monitors. No DP-DVI dongles work. "
    so you need funky monitors rather than cables :P
  3. Kari, you have saved the day, I heart you! LOL, You just won me a bet!
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