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I am looking for some help or idea's on how to setup the following displays.

I have 1 desktop computer (Windows XP) with an onboard video card (currently not used) also a nvidia NVS290 duel head card.

What I am looking to do is display 2 separate slide shows projecting onto 2 walls in another room. This is easy enough to do as I can extend my desktop, drag my slideshow to one screen & make it full screen and project…also doing the same with the other.

My problem is if I cant see what I am doing because the computer is in the back room & the displays are in another room. Is it possible to have 4 scenes? 1 projector in one room & a monitor in the back room next to the pc showing the same slide show & then a second projector & 2nd monitor displaying the other.

Or would you suggest another way of doing this?

so 2 sets of clone but extended…hope this makes sense.

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  1. vga splitters duplicate the signal into two, so if you add splitters to both outputs it should work. For windows it will still look like extended 2 monitor setup as the duplication happens after the signal leaves the system.
    so route one to the projector and the other to monitor, and repeat

    dvi-D splitter
  2. Ahhh so simple, never even thought about splitting it again, do you think I will loose any quality?

    Thanks I will give this a try :)
  3. well if you use dvi splitters you shouldn't loose any since it's all digital. Not sure about the vga splitters, maybe a little... :/
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