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Hello,My system is asking to press F4 to run the setup and the boot device priority even though i set it to the Harddisk its always setting the DVD writer as the default boot device priority. My system time is setting to the default dae jan 2006 12:00 AM everytime i am supposed to change the date. Even though i change it from BIOS its not getting saved. And more over my system is taking the hell of time to turnoff. I dont understand how to fix. I removed the CMOS battery and placed it once again but nothing is working. As soon i start my system i hear a beep sound asking to press F4 to run the setup. And when i repeat the process of disabling the floppy drive and change the time and boot device priority and press F10 to exit. The next time i start the system the same has to be repeated can anyone gimme the perfect solution on what to do. That would be of great help to me
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  1. Try updating the bios? :P careful doing that though
  2. When the bios info isn't saved, its usually a dead battery. Buy a new one.
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