Intel i7 2600k work with 1600MHz memory

Will the intel 2600k work with 1600MHz ram
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  1. Yes it would work.
  2. yuppers
  3. OtterLegend said:
    Will the intel 2600k work with 1600MHz ram

    Mine does.
  4. Yes, with it's corresponding .05% improvement in most benchmarks... :)
  5. mdd1963 said:
    Yes, with it's corresponding .05% improvement in most benchmarks... :)

    As much as that huh? :lol:
  6. Yes there a small improvement on performance when using DDR 3 1600 on an Intel® Core™ i7-2600K. Just make sure that you are using the DDR 3 that is 1.5v or under.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  7. I must ask....

    What happens if the 1600mhz memory runs at 1.65v??
    as I found a sweet deal on some kingston DDR3.
  8. I got some kinston x 1600 1.65 that i couldnt get to run at that speed but a few bios flashes later its now running at 1.5v at that speed. Go for 1.5v way less stress on the old brain.
  9. Also Kinston used to do some hyper x with sandy bridge branding that was still 1.65v
  10. Most MB's on the market today run the ram channels through the CPU's, which can only run @ 1.5V and @1333 So when the bios receives info that there is a spd/Voltage of higher specs it believes that you/somebody is trying to overclock and attempts to compensate. This usually ends in an instability. To over come this, it takes some major moxy know-how and manipulation in the bios and sometimes even windows itself to get everything up and running stable. Even then, you may have to reset everything in the bios each time you restart.

    For some this is fun and a constant exhilarating challenge. For others it's a major pain in the B. It depends on your point of view.

  11. Dont i know it, I have read loads of articles even in the how to's on here how they got the same ram as mine working at 1600 on 1.65v and it wouldnt do it for me. Its taken nearly 5months for me to do it which i think is down to tghe new bios.
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