HIS 5850 Idle Temperature. 0% Fan Speed? ;)

I have this

MSI Afterburner monitoring temps.

I can go 0% fan speed and idle at 45-49 Celcius. Is that okay?

Or should I keep it at 10-15% and it'll stay at mid-low 40's?
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  1. Err...are sure that your fan is 0% speed? Take the case off and watch it, to be sure.

    What does Catalyst Control Center say about the fan speeds?
  2. I've purposefully and manually set it to 0. BUT IT'S SPINNING actually. ATI CCC says 0%.
    I used to have it idle at 33% and temps would be 30-33 celcius.

    Then I realized I can lower it, 25% --> 15%, 10%, 0% still "acceptable" temperatures.

    I'm asking is this an acceptable temperature?
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    Lower than 50c for idling is a very good temperature. Under load it shouldn't go above 85c.
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  5. Thanks. Well in anycase, I'll leave the fanspeed at the lowest possible setting and my card thankfully runs super quiet.

    50% fan speed, it never hits above 60.

    Thanks again for your time. :)
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