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I currently own a Spare Sony Vaio VGC VA1 , Desktop Alli-inOne , the computer must be 5+ years old and the PSU is on it's way out . The PSU is making horrible buzzing sounds , unfortunately these PSU's are Very, Very, Very difficult to get .Not only that, but the PSU has an odd 18 pin Motherboard connector . This dreaded, Supplied PSU is a Delta Electronics DPS 290 AB ( is it 295w ?) , Here's a picture of the PSU , I managed to dismantle the whole Machine , no easy task , about 30 odd screws and a bleeding cut later ....

Well after I searched for hour's and hours on ebay and the net ,I then spent £20+ talking to Vaio's rubbish Tech support, to try and source a replacement , but to no avail .I had to settle for the most similar PSU I could find . It is however almost identical in dimensions (wxhxl) . It's around the same power , perhaps a bit less (250W?). This replacement PSU has a 20 Pin motherboard Pin , unlike the original 18 pin connector . Here's a picture of the label on it for reference:

As the original Delta Electronics PSU's have a tendency to burn out , I gave up on the idea of a replacement , I have read from many ex -Sony owners about these all in one PSU's . If we can find a suitable replacement method using a splicing method from a standard PSU , it would save a lot of money and landfill space . I read this article from another Sony Vaio All-in-One (VGC-M1) owner , He managed to replace the original 18 pin Power supply known as the DPS-197AB , the same as mine , just less power , also discontinued and very, very, very difficult to get .
I havent been able to get in touch with the author of this post , though read the article here

So after reading the article , I assumed it would be a case of just matching up colours and splicing up a new PSU . All of the colours of the new PSU seemed to match up and wasn't difficult to do , apart form a blue wire and brown wire I left disconnected (as shown) . I then plugged in the new spliced 18 pin connector . I cant see why this shouldn't work , can you ?

I then connected up the 4 Pin CPU using a molex to 4 Pin cpu converter connector. Seems the converter connector cable uses two 12 v wires, doubled up onto one pin

I then spliced up the odd 4 pin monitor connector ( I think) using a single 12 v (yellow wire ), as I run out, and ground wires. Again just simply matching the colours up . This should work in theory right??

I also used a Molex to Sata converter to connect the HDD, As the new PSU doesn't feature Sata connectors, see here

So thus far , everything is connected up , despite the spare brown wire ( form the old 18 pin connector) and the blue wire ( from the new PSU) . In theory everything should work in relation to what I read in the article link However I did plug in the PSU and tried to boot up and just silence , nothing happened , no boot at all. Here's a picture of the everything wired up

So what should I try next ? I have already threw £25 at a new PSU , £20 talking to Vaio Support (£1 per minute)
, hours and hours looking for a new PSU and Hours dismantling the awkward case

It would seem to be a simple task , anyone care to comment on what's wrong here ? I guess it could be the new PSU , I brought it on Ebay , sold as working . However maybe the New PSU is faulty or underpowered , I am unsure

Seems a shame if I cant get a new PSU , although the computer is old , it still has a powerful, dual CPU, 2 GB ram , Outstanding sound and currently runs Windows 7 . If we can get it to work with a new PSU , it would be great to show others, as mentioned earlier this is a common problem that seems to be un-rectified . Sony doesn't care less and I can only assume most people would just dispose of their faulty machines

For anyone who can shed any light , thanks in advance
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  1. i would say you need to know if the psu actually works--you have went to a load of bother wiring all that and could muck about with it forever only to get nowhere if the psu doesnt actually work

    a psu tester is quite cheap on ebay and other web sites--at least if you know the psu does work then you can have another look at the wiring
  2. If you can believe the Delta label, as well as the Advanced the advance only puts out, less than 1/4 the power of the Delta.

    The overall rating on poor quality power supplies are useless, as they lie.
    In this case the Delta says it has 2-12v rails 1 @11amps, and the other @ 12amps, for a total of 23amps 12volt.

    The advance only has 5 amps on the 12v, and the 12v runs the computer nowadays.
    The 5v and the 3.3 are pretty much wasted, on a modern computer.

    I would think Sony, just like Dell did years ago, did not make it as easy as matching up the wire colors.
    They did it to make yo buy a Sony.

    I'm curious what kind of computer could even run on 5amps 12v?
  3. bonjour moi j'ai simplement refait le brochage de la 18 pins car sony ne le respecte pas ,par contre les couleurs sont respectées et ça marche !!!! avec une alim de pc en ""externe "" claude .
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