Corsair cx430 problem .need .urgent help

I recently bought CX430 corsair PSU .
And when I connected to the system It is not working.

when I tested the PSU by shorting black and green channel , the chasis fan spinning.
My configuration is,
core 2 duo,
asus P5G41T-M LX motherbord,
1TB sata hdd,
dvd writer

when I switch on, the green light on motherbord is ON.and when I switch the power button ON the system not booting...
when I removed the 4pin connecter to the motherboard, the cpu fan just spin and then off..I both wires are connected to the board, nothing is working.

what is the problem?

NB: I got a cable that is not supporting to my plug on the switch board, so I connected my old ordinary SMPS 's power cable to the new that cause any problem?

Please any one help seriously...
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  1. If you are talking about the power cord from the wall it is not the problem. If the system works with the old PSU it looks like you might have gotten a bad PSU.
  2. longe before LAN socket in my board not working and its orange light always i put an extra LAN card for that.
    is that cause my new cx430 PSU to stop from booting
  3. No it should not be the reason! What about the old PSU did it still work?
  4. problem with my old psu...
    But in some article I found that if there is any short in motherboard the cx430 will not work..
  5. If there is a short in the motherboard no PSU with good protection should work.
  6. Old PSU works in the system. CX430 doesn't. Old PSU still works in the system. The CX430 is probably defective.

    The red motherboard LED is powered by the completely separate standby power supply in the PSU. Except for providing power to the startup circuits, it has little to do with the main power circuits.

    The CPU cooler fan spinning up without the CPU power plug being connected tells you that the 12 volt circuits will produce a little power but not a lot.

    The LAN card problems are a symptom, not a cause, of your boot problems.

    The CPU power plug in the Corsair PSU's will be a "4+4" plug. If you are using a "6+2" plug, you have interchanged the CPU power plug with a PCIe plug. And you are shorting 12 volts to ground.

    One possibility:
    When you plug the CPU power connector in, the yellow wires should be facing the keyboard/mouse connector. If they are, the PSU is bad. If the black wires are facing them, the power plug is in backwards and you are shorting 12 volts to ground.
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