Which is the better setup?

I currently use

a XFX 8300 motherboard
DDr2 800Mhz ram 2GB (4 slot board)
8600 GT 512Mb
Dual core 4000+ (2.10Ghz)



I also have a intel core duo 2.66Ghz
Foxconn board (supports up to DRR2 667mhz) ( 2 slot board)


So my question is should I go for the higher CPU or the faster Mhz ram?
(There different socket types so can not put intel into my Xfx board)
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  1. Go for the faster CPU, RAM frequency makes a surprisingly small difference.
  2. Ah ok thanks,

    Just put the new system together and It turns on fans all start, but I get no signal on monitor, nothing comes up. Tried the on board graphics and a graphics card :S
  3. Which type of input are you using?
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