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295 GTX Vs 560 GTX ti

I been looking at a lot of synth benchmarks and to me it looks like teh 295 GTX User (around 250) is more bang for the buck then the 560 GTX ti what do you all think?
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  1. Maybe, but it consumes like twice as much power, older card with less features, massive size, etc. I wouldn't go for it.
  2. I have been using this site not so much worried about the power as I am worried about A used 1 year old card but its 100 buck cheaper then the 560 according to that site it pretty much stomps it
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    GTX295 performance is around single GTX480/GTX570. GTX560 sits between GTX470 and GTX480. so basically GTX295 is a bit faster than GTX560. but you have to remember GTX295 will need games that can work with SLI properly if you want faster performance than 560Ti. you can see this chart to get the general idea:
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