Modding PC Case : Need help Painting Case

Hello everyone, I'm trying to mod my old PC case by drilling a few holes for new vents and painting it. So heres my PC case, may I know how do I paint these parts?

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For this one, do I just need to start off painting straight away? or do I need to sand it using sand papers?

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This is the main problem ><" I'd like to repaint the whole case with a different color, what should i do with the Grey color on it? Sand it away? and then coat it with primer paint before painting color on it?

Thanks in Advance,
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  1. Depends what you are using. I used really high quality spray paint on my coolermaster haf 912. Only needed one coat came out nice!
  2. You would be fine just degreasing all your parts thoroughly with something like white spirit then just use a good primer and then paint, happy modding.
  3. Oh okay Thanks :D So I do need to use Primer on all the pieces?
  4. Oh never mind I got it, Thanks :D
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