Need advice, do I need a new Win 7 copy?

I am upgrading my system with a new mobo, cpu, and memory, and was planning to use my current Samsung F3 1TB drive that has Win 7 64 bit OEM loaded on (from a few months ago).

Can I merely hook up the new drive once everything is installed, or will I have problems?

Can my Windows copy be used with this 'new' rig, or must I get another license (disk) since mine was a store bought OEM version?

If I need another copy, it's going to cost me much more than I anticipated or wanted to spend, since I will need another drive, since I would want to keep this one with the existing mobo and cpu it's running with.

Also, if you have any links to what I need to do to get all my programs working, please let me know.

Thank you.
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    you don't need to buy a new copy. just plug in your current hard drive and it will be fine. read the manual for your new mobo though and see if it wants you to install the drivers before or after you install it.
  2. Really? If so, this is fantastic...thank you very much.

    I was dreading having to buy another OS, HDD, and then probably a SSD (since I don't want to go through this again).

    Thank you again!
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  4. Umm no that information is incorrect. Windows will recognize the hardware has changed. And since the change is so extensive, Windows will assume the hard drive was removed and placed in a new computer, trying to circumvent copyright laws.

    Windows will insta-blue screen every start. You will need to re-install windows with a NEW product key, because OEM Windows attaches itself to the motherboard, which has been changed.

    You selected a best answer too soon.
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