Display driver crashes - Dead Space 2 - SLi GTX 295

Hi all. I've been having some issues lately and i've decided to ask the forums finally to see if I can get someone smarter than me to help.

I've been getting a lot of Display driver crashes playing Dead Space 2. Sometimes the driver will recover and i'll be able to continue playing (it wont even exit the game). Other times It will exit the game but I can "end task" DS2 and start it again. Other times I will just get a black screen and must manually restart the computer. I have once gotten a BSOD screen.

The BSOD is "Failed to reset display driver... yadda yadda "NVLDDMKM.sys"

I have nvidia's latest drivers, 266.58

Here are system specs:
i7 920 D0 @ 4ghz
SLi EVGA GTX 295's
EVGA classy 760
also have a USB 3.0 card in PCI-e 1x slot
Also should mention 1 GTX is the FTW edition, while the other is that standard edition. Clock speeds are NOT linked.
1920x1080 res.

Windows 7 ultimate.

What I've tried:
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers many times. I've tried the "clean install" selection from the nvidia installation a few times, and have used driversweeper/ drivercleaner quite a few times also.

I have also under-clocked both 295's to minimum, increased fan speed to 100% manual, and also tried disabling SLi.

It seems none of these work, i'll still get occasional display crashes. When SLi is disabled though, I do notice that GPU2 (out of 4) is the only GPU that increases temperatures. 3 of them stay at about 55-60 degrees, GPU2 will go to 80's.

I have also tried downgrading drivers to 197.45, using driversweeper and doing a clean install. Didn't help

I've been reading on the net that most people are saying display driver crashes like these indicate a card is going out, but I have a hard time believing that.

BTW this is a retail copy, not a pirated copy.

What is the forums opinion?

Thank you
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    make sure you have the most up to date Direct X installed >? i have a EVGA 460gtx 786 and it runs perfectly in high res hd full settingsIt sounds like your cards arent getting enough power ... what size psu do u have ?
  2. Well, the easy solution is simply not playing Dead Space 2, but if you want some real help click here.
  3. Wow, google it, I never thought of that....

    TH forums used to be really helpful....

    Turns out after multiple reformats and BIOS resets and troubleshooting the cards, one of my GTX 295's is having issues, probably vram or something, I'm RMA'ing it.
  4. Good idea ... i figured your cards should handle it no problem ....
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